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Marketing, communications strategic HR services for public sector, technology and professional services businesses

Resonant Stories

Marketing, communication and strategic HR services for growing businesses and organisations

Welcome to Resonant Stories

Marketing, communications and strategic HR

Resonant Stories is a marketing, communications and strategic HR consultancy that helps technology, public sector, professional services and engineering companies grow and compete for talent.  We work with public and 3rd sector businesses who face the challenge of creating stories that will engage a wide variety of stakeholders and we help US businesses establish themselves in Europe.

We help distill the often-complex language of technology, professional services, public sector and engineering businesses into clear stories that resonate with the people they want to do business with.

Your story

The challenge many businesses in the technology, professional services public sector and engineering fields face is that your story is a complex one.  Often the products and services you sell serve a particular niche and the people you want to sell to or communicate with have a varying level of understanding of the products and services you offer.

Our clients

The businesses we work with are often going through or have been through significant growth.  They are changing rapidly and seeking assistance to help them re-connect with the story that makes them unique. We  help businesses communicate at challenging times : IPOs, acquisitions and mergers, significant growth periods, or even when times are tough and there needs to be a change of focus to turn the business around.

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of great storytelling.  Great stories influence the way individuals think and behave.  They help people who haven’t heard of you understand what you do, influence people who know you to buy your products and help turn customers into evangelists.  We also believe in the power of all people to be great storytellers.  We help people and businesses to tell their stories better, through whatever medium is most appropriate for their audiences.  And we help people in businesses develop the skills of great storytelling to create change.

Our services

Helping businesses grow - clear brand marketing and communications

Telling your story

We help businesses grow.  We help businesses attract and retain clients and employees. We do this by improving the way a business communicates.  We start with a discovery phase where we unearth the key growth and communications challenges of the business.  We work with the business owners, people, customers and other stakeholders to understand what really makes the business unique.

Creating your brand

We work with the organisation to craft the stories it needs to meet its specific objectives.  We test the stories for resonance, influence and impact.  If required, we work with the business to develop a marketing and communications or HR roll-out plan to bring the stories to life and shape the future of the business.  From vision, mission and brand development, to thought leading PR programmes, employee value proposition development, digital storytelling and full design and content management services.

Establishing a European presence

We work with US businesses seeking to establish themselves in Europe.  We develop and implement go-to-market strategies and tactics.  We do business development and sales.  We build teams that will drive success on the ground across Europe.

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